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Teaching in Graz - Daniel Sylvester

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Whatsapp: (+43) 680 4462 579

A wonderful happy new year to everyone!

Regular classes are going to start again on the 10th of January. Find the schedule below!

Stay tuned!
Love, Daniel

**WEEKLY SCHEDULE at Ferdinandeum**
Färberplatz 11, 8010 Graz

MO / 18:30 / BasicPractice 
WE / 18:00 / Music
WE / 18:30 / DeepPractice
FR  / 18:00 / Music
FR / 18:30 / Vadiacao and Roda

- SingleClass 15€
- MonthlyDeal 95€: 30 Days All-Trainings-Included
- 1-2-1-Sessions 60€

If you are thinking about starting a capoeira practice, Monday classes are ideal for joining the training.
In the first part of the class we are going to build up the fundamental warmup and conditioning-routine which is the basis for a sustainable capoeira practice and is aiming for gradually improving body-awareness, coordination, strength and mobility.
In the second part we will work on basic capoeira techniques and understanding for capoeira specific movement patterns and soft acrobatics such as different ways of hand-balancing and bridging.

In this format we are already using capoeira techniques in the warmup and conditioning part of the class which makes the class a bit more challenging especially for beginners.
The main part of the class is dedicated to the deep exploration of movement sequences, technique variations and the combination of distinct soft-acrobatic skills which creates the very particular movement style of capoeira and empowers with a very holistic repertoire for self expression.


Daniel Kröll

Merangasse 12

8010 Graz